Spokane's #1 Barber for Men's Haircuts

Tired of trying out new barbers every single month just to be disappointed? Getting a haircut is something that most men have to do, but it can be really frustrating and time consuming. Z Style is Spokane's best mens haircut shop offering premium cutting, trimming, and styling services.

What My Clients Say

Nothing But 5-Star Reviews

David G.

Spokane, wa

Zijo is friendly, professional, and always does a good job. I have had nothing but good experiences and would recommend him highly.

Austin D.


Literally haven't gone to another barber since I met Zijo... I plan my haircuts around when I'm  back in Spokane. Zijo is legit 10 outta 5 stars.

Paul D.


Zijo is the best in Spokane. He does it all, makes the experience great, and you always leave satisfied. Have trusted him for over 6 years.

Love Your New Haircut Or Your Next One Is On Me!

Yeah, seriously. I'm so confident that you'll walk out of my shop with the best haircut you've ever received, that if for whatever reason you're not completely satisfied then I'll pay for your next haircut! Most barbers rely on quick service to keep their calendar full and pockets fuller. My only goal is to make sure you're 100% happy, confident, and satisfied with your new cut. 

About The Barber

Zijo Gušić is a master Barber with 20+ years of client work perfecting the grooming experience for men. The experience is unique to each clients desired results keeping Zijo of Z' Style at the top of the barber industry. Zijo has been grooming his clients in the beautiful Spokane area about 12+ years and looking forward to many more. Zijo strives to stay on top of the trend setting styles and best grooming products, using the best products will keep you looking good long after you leave his shop.


How do I know what hair style will look best on me?

Hair styles differ from one person to another and it's hard to predict which is the best hairstyle may be best for you. Keep in mind that the look could also change depending on if you're doing business or if you have company coming over, although a standard haircut will always take care of those two factors. You can go with formal, casual or even distinguished looks, but all three of these factors should be considered when determining what kind of hair style you like. With such a wide variety of possibilities out there today we don't see why finding your perfect cut is so tough! That's why for first time clients I always offer a free hairstyle consultation before we ever start a new haircut.

What different services do you offer?

I offer a full range of accurate, precise haircuts for men. I use only the finest tools and products to provide best results. Men's haircut styles include basic cuts as well as more specific styles like business cuts, executive styles, high fashion, , and other popular hairstyles for men.

You can view a full list of my services by clicking here.

What if I don't like my new haircut?

On the off chance that you don't like your new haircut, I offer a full money back guarantee. Plus, I will even pay for your next haircut! That's how confident I am that you will leave my shop with the best haircut you've ever gotten.

Where is Z' Style located?

Z' Style Barbershop is located in a private studio at 802 E. 29th Ave, Suite 14, Spokane, WA 99203 (shown in the map below) inside of the Sola Salon Studios. 

Schedule Now Before Spots Get Booked!

As you can imagine, as a one-man shop my calendar gets filled up quickly. So, if you're ready to get the best haircut of your life then make sure to click the button below and reserve a time before spots are gone.